We all live someone else’s dream and dream to live like someone else.

– Nidhi

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  • Celebrate your own miles
    It’s not easy. Lying on the bed, looking at particularly nothing , gettinghit by thoughts every now and then, it’s really not easy just to let itpass by. You certainty
  • Life
    Some believe life is a gift from God.But what if it’s a punishment;A living hell sort of.A chance to redeem ourselves.Grief, pain, Agony;heartbreaks and betrayals,Until which choose a path which
  • To-do list in September
    To-do list in September. Since march we have been in monotonous condition, And I’m sick and tired of this. It has been so dull that the days just pass by,
  • 15+ Quotes from 7 habits of highly effective people that will boost your morale.
    Quotes from 7 habits of highly effective people I have always admired this book, And as it has made some extremely good points, That after applying in life made a

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