Reading Zero to Billions- The Zerodha Story

We all love a good story and Zero to Billions is one such story,

Before reading the book I thought it would be a general biography of a billionaire,

But it turned out to be more than that.

The book is inspiring, motivating, and action-inducing.

It gives some clarity on being an entrepreneur as well,

Hence, if you are someone who is on their journey to entrepreneurship,

And want to rewind with some good productive time, this is the read for you.

I liked many things about this book, and here are some that I loved the most.

Things I liked about the Book

1. The Realism

There is no way one can go from Zero to Billions unless of course there are years of hard work ahead of them.

And it is the same for the Founder of Zerodha Nithin Kamath

The book captures very well, how many years and how much hard work it took for the company to be where it is today.

The story follows a very systematic pattern to show you what it would have been like to be in the shoes of the man in the talks himself.

Along with giving you a reality check,

That if you are dreaming of the heights, these would be the lows that you will have to go through.

2. The focus on the Product

The product, I’m talking about here, is Zerodha, of course.

The story stays on the topic and elegantly showcases the success path of the company.

Not once did I feel any exaggeration or just for the advertisement sake kind of shift,

Even though I thought it going to be just that. My bad.

A young entrepreneur, reading this book would get some pointers on what a company needs.

Along with the mindset that one has to have to succeed.

3. The easy Language

The best part,

Even if you don’t understand the particular industry,

The author Abhish B has put the story in such simple terms that you are definitely going to enjoy the read.

I did.

And when you know what’s going on the story gets 10 times better.

Who should read this book?

If you still find yourself questioning, is this the book for me?

Let me fix it for you.

You should read this book if…

  • You are looking for a short read
  • You are looking for a motivational boost
  • You want to become an entrepreneur
  • You love Zerodha and want to know more about it
  • You want to learn the mindset of a Billionaire
  • You are an avid reader

If you have one or all of these needs, you should definitely go ahead and give it a read.

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