January 2020

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I didn’t make a resolution for the year 2020,

But I did thought good things will come my way and it will be a good year,

Now January is over,

I won’t say it was an awesome month and neither will I say it was too bad.

But I will say, it just wasn’t what I expected it to be.

The good thing to happen to me is I invested in this blog, and I’m actually happy that I did.

And a few things happened, which let me down and disappointed me.

So, here are the insights of my January 2020.

No worries in January (maybe).

1. My Blog
My Blog 'The Caffables', january 2020

As I said earlier, the good thing to happen to me is investing in this blog.

It was around January 6 or 7, when I brought a domain and hosting.

And after that I started writing short stories and I wanted to help people and thus I made the stories about personal growth.

Blogging is actually a good way to turn boredom into creativity.

The thoughts and ideas in my head, now has a space of their own,

Neverland, I called it.

Blogging helped me come out of my thoughts and utilize each one of them.

I had a few troubles though, like setting up the SEO, creating an aesthetic website etc.

But I learned from it and thus here I am, writing another post for you all to read.

It is a good experience and despite all the technical issues, I’m thankful that I had the idea to start a blog.

That’s the January 2020 blog story.

2. The Winter Fashion

What can I say, I’m a fashion lover,

Whether it be clothes, shoes or anything I adore them all.

And yes, I know that winter starts way before January but there’s no date to look your best.

The soothing cold winds, the excitement of new year, resolutions, promises and what not.

January has so much to offer, and so take it, be the best version of yourself.

And about fashion, winter gives the best reason to wear coats, jackets, hoodies etc, and flaunt your style.

This is one of the reasons I love winters so much.

And of course being cozy in cold is also a sliver lining to the winter cloud.

3. Uttarayan 2020

Flying kites is a beloved activity of Gujarati people.

Other than that, there are several food items (undhiyu etc,) specially made on this day in every home.

People come together to fly kites and compete with one another.

The sky looks the most colorful that day, filled with beautifully made kites.

The Patang Utsav is a pride of Gujarat, celebrated every year on this day in Ahmedabad.

I myself enjoyed it much this year with my family.

4. Instagram

Now this is a tricky one,

Something happened in December due to which my old Instagram account got deleted.

I tried to restore it for a month but nothing worked.

I didn’t say anything to anyone but I really felt bad about it.

All my pictures, important conversations everything vanished with it.

But I left that in the past and tried to move on with another account.

So that was my January 2020 Instagram story.

Bad things happen but you have to carry on, start fresh, no matter what.

5. Toxic Relationships

We all know how bad things can get if we are in bad influence.

But sometimes you don’t know or can’t tell until somethings or someone shows you the truth.

And these relationships need not be just a boyfriend or girlfriend ones,

Friends can be toxic too.

So, I tried to avoid all of that,

I agree that I was having some troubled thoughts due to all these negativity around me,

But you know it, January is all about new beginnings and that’s exactly what I did.

Also, before moving on to the next topic, I have to say I found a few people whom I can call true friends.

6. The weeks of despair
the caffables- short story blog by nidhi maheshwari

I won’t lie, there was a time where I felt completely lost.

I wanted to do something but I couldn’t pursue it because of some reasons.

And that affected me adversely.

I lost all hope, I got confused, I felt helpless,

I literally tried to keep myself distracted and entertained to avoid my problems.

Binge watched series on Netflix, ate a lot, stayed up late at nights, woke up late in the morning.

Skipped my exercise routine, tried everything to run from the problem.

But then I realized I couldn’t, I mean how much time was I wasting because of that.

So I started writing, and it helped me. Now I at least believe that I will find a way.

7. The procrastination
the caffables- short story blog by nidhi maheshwari podcast

I really feel bad about this one,

There were few things that I decided to do or start which I never did.

Like a podcast and a YouTube channel,

I made a trailer for my podcast though, but I never worked for my YouTube.

The goal of my podcast was to talk about some feelings and emotions, and some stories.

I was looking forward to it but I never made an episode,

Hopefully I will in the next month.

And about YouTube, I will come up or try to come up with some good ideas,

Then finally start the channel.

The end.

So, This was my January 2020, not so good but not bad either.

Looking forward to next month, as well as the whole year.

p.s. stay positive.

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  1. Divu

    Nice one keep it up and stay growing

  2. Chirag Jhamnani

    I don’t read blogs much. But stalking you on Instagram made me read your 1st post and since then I adore your work. Toh likhte raho, badhte raho…

    P.S.: Stay positive ma’am.

  3. M3

    I relate to 6th number, May be our reasons are different but problem was same .i was in this situation for more thn 2 years… I tried to keep myself distracted, but more you try more you go deep inside that feeling and also i tried to socialise with unknown people, but didn’t worked…. So just wanna say problems are there because

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