Rakshabandhan- The day when siblings actually get along.

Rakshabandhan – Rakhi day

If you have siblings then you know,

How fun and annoying they can be.

Like when they want something, they are the nicest human being,

And when you want something, ‘go get it yourself.’


Well, however crazy our relationship might be,

We all love our siblings and will probably do anything to protect them.

On this very beautiful day of Rakshabandhan

Let us look at somethings we always do with our siblings,

1) Argue a lot, (**duh!)

That’s what siblings do, don’t you know.

I mean, come on. Everyone has picked a fight over remote once in their life,

And sometimes it’s about food.

I swear my brother waits for the chance to eat my chocolates,

Which I leave in the fridge for more than a day.

And to be honest it’s vice versa.

Everyone loves food which doesn’t belong to them.

It has more taste to it.

2) Click pictures for each other.

If your sibling don’t do that,

Believe me they actually hate you.

No matter how much they complain,

Unless I get THE pic, I don’t let my brothers go.

I click good pictures for them,

How can they not do it for me?

I am allowed to show off how amazingly gorgeous I look,

Which reminds of other thing that siblings do.

3) Make fun of you.

Ohh, haha. You thought you’d get away without being mocked?

My sibling you are wrong.

I’ll make fun of you till you rethink your choice of clothes,

Or maybe, make you remove that extra makeup,

I don’t do it intentionally though, it’s just instinct.

Something that I’ve picked up over the years,

And am completely prepared to use it forever,

When you get old, don’t worry I’ll be there,

Making fun of your wrinkles and reminding you that you’re OLD.

4) Siblings and secrets. (Muahahahah)

If any of your secret got out before your sibling,

Consider yourself a slave.

They will keep your secret but blackmail you as well,

Nothing could make a sibling with a secret happier.

I repeat, nothing will satisfy them.

You will have to do whatever they ask, give whatever they want.

They are the kings and queens at that time.

And you cannot convince me otherwise.

5) Sharing. (NO!)

The most difficult thing to is share something with your sibling,

Whatever you get, you have to share half of it,

Don’t even make the mistake to think that you’ll get the bigger half.

Because you won’t.

You know, you’ll end up fighting for it.

And if by chance you get the bigger half,

It’ll be remembered until the day when they successfully get their revenge.

6) Be there for you.

Yes we fight, argue, laugh at each other,

But we also love each other a lot.

It’s also something that is by default.

If there’s trouble you know you’ll call your sibling before your parents,

They truly understand you,

You can talk to them about things you can’t with anyone else.

They are the friends you need the most.

So, do you have anything you want to add here? Then let me know.

I will be more than happy to read you and your sibling’s story.

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Happy Rakshabandhan!!