A more effective way of living.

A more effective way of living.

Do you ever feel that you just want to relax?

That it has been a long day or an exhausting week,

And you just want to have a little time for yourself,

But apparently you can’t,

Because there’s so much going on,

So much you have to complete in a specific amount of time,

There is so much to do before you fall asleep,

Which feels tiresome because you have to wake up and repeat the same routine all over again.

But then, you don’t have a choice right?

What if I told you that you do?

Let’s discuss it then…..

” “

I was sitting in my office, doing the regular work and thinking how boring this is.

I wanted to go home early and so I completed my part of the work as soon as I could and went to the head of the department to submit it.

In his office there was a person already and so I waited outside.

I tried to stand in the way of his eyesight so he can see me and take my work and I can be free afterwards.

Guess what? He did saw me and called me inside the office.

As I entered, I saw that the person standing inside was a fellow worker of the same project.

I smiled at her and gave my file to the head for a quick check.

He approved it, he said there aren’t any mistakes and my works looks fine.

I was now happy that I will be going home early and doing anything else but work.

And right then he burst my bubble of happiness by giving the work that other person to me.

He wanted me to cross check it and complete it properly because it was too complicated.

I was so frustrated in that moment, I had completed my work and yet I wasn’t free to go.

I came out of the office with another file in my hand and my colleague followed me.

She apologized to me for whatever happened, I told her it was fine and went back to my desk to start working.

But this wasn’t the first time, I always somehow get caught in the work and go home exhausted.

This has become my routine and I feel like I have no life of my own.

I have just a few friends, whom I barely talk to. I can’t even spare time for my family.

But above all I don’t even have enough time for myself.

I remember starting this job so that I can be financially independent and enjoy my days.

Apparently nothing like that is happening, instead I am tied to a morning to evening schedule.

As I reached home I saw everyone was waiting for me to have dinner together and I really liked that.

Then I went to my room and fell on the bed, laying there I thought to myself what can I do to make myself enjoy my day as I want.

I got entangled in my thoughts as I fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up with a feeling of not going to work, but that wasn’t going to happen.

As I was getting ready reluctantly, I saw myself in the mirror and thought ‘what the hell am I doing’.

I kept staring blankly and then something struck my mind ‘if I am doing this I will do this right.’ I said to myself.

I immediately took out a notebook and wrote down the things I always wanted to do.

Then I made a schedule of my day and there were many empty spaces, those were the hours in which I was free.

It was quite strange because I never knew I had that much free time before I penned it down.

Now that I think of it, I spent all that time complaining about how miserable I am, but now I can make a productive use of that time.

And not be miserable anymore. It can even help me to stay active and motivated.

Why didn’t I thought of that before.

It was already making me excited for my day and I was looking forward to it.

I merged my office schedule to things I wanted to do with my life.

It was looking good and I could not wait it to get started with it.

Though, I knew that there might come the times when an unknown obstacle will be thrown my way.

And it actually happened but I wasn’t going to work out of my schedule and so what ever came my way I arranged it according to my willingness.

According to how I wanted to do it and at what time.

This way I was never discouraged of doing anything else ever again.

And now I have a perfect or I can say a close to perfect life.

I enjoy every minute of it and I can feel that I am more productive this way.

” “

– It is very important that you enjoy what you do, because if you don’t there’s no positive outcome.
– Knowing what your day consists of, helps in determining what you want and when you can have it or do it.
– You can do what you have to and what you both at the same time, you just have to arrange it properly.

Hey guys,

Here I am with some more interesting facts,

It might not sound like it, but scheduling is actually very beneficial.

So, what are you waiting for let’s analyse your day and make time for the things that you love.

Thanks for reading,

See you next time.