Is it Anger or Frustration?

Anger or frustration – a short story

I wonder many times if anger and frustration are the same,

Or are they different.

People say that you should not make decisions when you’re angry,

Why is that?

What about when you are frustrated?

What then?

Let’s try to find out, shall we…….

” “

I lay awake till middle of night wondering what I have become,

Once I was someone who cared too much,

But now, nothing seems to interest me at all.

Have I given up on feeling? I don’t know me at all.

And thus, with those thoughts whirling around my head, sleep slowly took over.

It’s morning already, and yet again I’m running late for my meeting,

These things always happen to me, all I did was help someone in need along the way.

I don’t know if that’s good for me or not, I shouldn’t have stopped on the way,

This makes me so uneasy. I hope everything goes smoothly,

And just like that, after a whole messed up day, I come back home.

“What am I even doing?” I ask myself everyday.

People keep nagging me to be someone I am not, someone I don’t want to be.

I feel struck, I am screaming inside but there’s no voice coming out,

Feel sick of everything around me, yet there’s no escape.

But I have to escape, I can’t live like this no more.

And this feeling of being stuck continued to grow inside of me, making even more anxious,

Then eventually, I feel like falling to the dark side,

Getting angry at little things, always in bad mood, not getting things done, and what not.

So, you see, a dilemma caused by uncertainty of existence has led me to self destruction.

I am practically, sabotaging every relationship I have,

And I don’t even know if it is my anger or frustration.

” “


  • Anger and frustration are not the same, you might get anger over something for a little while, but get over it soon. But frustration will continue to dwell inside you until you get a solution.
  • One of the causes of self damage is frustration. It’s because you get tired from inside and then harm your mental health and probably your relations.
  • It can happen to anyone, a student, worker, friends, parents etc. So if you think that you are frustrated because of something, or someone else is, talk or listen. That’s the best solution.
  • We go through too much, in our day to day lives and so it is necessary that we keep our health in check.

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