How to face a Challenge

How To Face A Challengestory motivation

What does an ideal day look like?
Waking up, following the routine or maybe not, and then going to bed.
It doesn’t sound so difficult, does it?
But it actually isn’t.
You may face many challenges, for example waking early, choosing what to wear, having a bad hair day etc.
These are not too hard to handle, but there are things which are.
Why do we face such difficulties?
We know, they help us grow.
Let’s read one such story and get a different perspective towards problems……..
” “
It was a Saturday evening, I was getting ready to go to a carnival with some of my friends.
While driving, all of us were in a cheerful mood and singing festive songs.
The roads around the carnival were full of lights and the night was glooming in all of its glory.
The sight was mesmerizing as we entered the fair. Amused faces were all around us, children were holding various kinds of balloons.
There were so many different kinds of stalls and games, we didn’t know where to start.
We were getting pumped up just by the thought of roaming around all night.
One of my friends took us to an accessories shop and we all brought matching glasses and bracelets.
The fun started right away. We were exploring everything the carnival had to give us.
We stopped at booths, games, rides and what not.
It was almost midnight now, we were casually wandering, when we heard an announcement.
A show was about to start in which two participants were going to compete, or something like that.
Just after the announcement, there was a rush of people towards the place of the show.
We too thought of joining and moved along.
There were confused voices in the crowd, as no one knew what was about to happen.
Just then the anchor came up on the stage and welcomed the two participants.
One of them was skinny and wearing glasses, and the other was medium weight, with a messy head.
They were going to play a game, where they had given an instruction manual, few props and safety kit.
From the props they had to build a funny cartoon character, and the instruction manual had a few characters to choose from.
It was quite an easy task, everyone thought. The props were socks, buttons, paper, t-shirts etc. making a funny character was no big deal.
The enthusiasm was dropping gradually until there came a few people holding one huge white board.
Now the mystery was shifting towards the board, there were pens on the desk of the two contestants so it was pretty much clear that they had to draw something.
But why the huge board? Two small sized boards could have worked the same.
Then the anchor announced that the board will be used by the contestants to draw the cartoons first.
After the drawing is completed, the participants will make the toy similar to those drawing.
Now this was something challenging and fun. The ecstasy was back within the crowd and everyone including us started cheering.
The contestants were to be given fifteen minutes to draw and then almost an hour to make the cartoon.
As the time for the drawing began, both the challengers started striking lines on the board.
It was allowed to crack jokes and distract the fellow contestant and so the show was turning hilarious.
One of them was stealing the pens of his opponent and the other one was absently trying to find the pens until he realized they were being stolen.
And the whole crowd was laughing and helping at the same time, which wasn’t exactly helpful, because the people up there didn’t understand a word.
They both then started making fun of each other and the laughter grew even more.
“I wonder if you could draw worse than that if I take away your glasses.” one of them taunted.
“Even then I bet, it would be better than your hair.” the other replied and the laughter and applaud erupted.
And the opponents continued to draw and make jokes on one another.
“These pens and the lines are thicker than you are.”
“Maybe that’s why you can’t hold them well.”
“You should make yourself better hair with the strokes.”
“Paint your glasses rather than drawing on the board, you can’t do a better job with any of them.”
Thus they continued drawing and entertaining the crowd.
There were yet other mischief during those fifteen minutes, like messing with one another’s drawings, blinding each other and what not.
Time flied and soon the fifteen minutes were over. Both the drawings were extremely funny and not so complete.
Where there was a missing hand in one drawing, it was a missing leg in another.
One had an eye around the ear and the other had a nose for the neck.
It was thus a tremendous task to build puppet cartoons from those drawings.
Then the anchor invited volunteers from the crowd to add some features to the characters before starting the ‘making session’.
And it wasn’t allowed to rub anything out from the board.
Now the drawing of both the competitors were ready and tricky.
It was going to take more than just efforts to make the live puppets from the drawings they made.
Now there was a twist in the rules, the participants will make the cartoons from their opponents drawings.
Both of them were shocked as they had tried every single thing to ruin the other’s drawing.
And the audience gasped in surprise too, the show has turned even more exciting now.
As the stopwatch clicked both the competitors started brainstorming on the ways to make their dolls.
It was quite a delight to watch them try so hard to make something good out of just a drawing.
For a moment there I kept thinking, only if they hadn’t messed with their opponents drawing and took care of theirs, the further competition could have been much easier.
They both were having difficulty making the puppet out of those props.
No one was interfering with the other now and the crowd was watching with keen interest as they continued putting their efforts.
The anchor was making jokes in between to keep the crowd entertained.
Both the opponents were confused but still none of them gave up.
The audience was now split in two groups, the supporters of the fellow contestants respectively and were sharing the spirit of enthusiasm by cheering them up.
The competition was very tight and engaging.
They were gluing and sewing things together, taking care of every tiny detail.
It was so intriguing to see the players that I was on the verge of running up on stage for helping or participating with them.
The skinny guy was using the instruction manual to its fullest and making the most out of the old methods.
While the other guy was using each and every prop where it can be used and giving a creative and different look to its doll.
Soon the hour was over and the contestants were ready with their creations.
When the toys were shown there were laughs all around the audience but both the contestants had done a great job making the replicas of those drawings.
The anchor asked if the people were ready to see the results and find out who won.
Everyone shouted yes and he took out a page from his pocket.
“Well, here it says that the person who won this competition is…..” he made a dramatic pause. “No one.” and continued.
Everyone was stunned, and looked around as if there was a joke coming up.
Just then the anchor laughed and said that it was a tie.
The audience grew more curious, how come it can be a tie.
The anchor then explained that both the contestants had made similar efforts in creating something out of scrap.
And they both won, because the competition was all about efforts and not just about victory.
There were loud victorious cheers in the crowd and me and my friends looked at each other with the widest smiles.
We knew that this night was going to be fun and it was, but it also turned out be a lesson in persistence and achievement.

It was thus a night to remember and carry forward in our minds.

” “


  • There will come hundreds of challenges in life but how you cope with it will make all the difference.
  • The problems we see in other’s lives can be a lesson in ours, look properly.
  • People will always cheer you up, but you will have to work alone in your story of success. 
  • No matter how bad situations turn out, you will always find a way. You just have to be very attentive.
So that’s it for today.
How are you all doing?
I really hope that my words help you in one or the other way.
But do know, you can always do what you fix your mind at doing. 
See you all next Sunday. 

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