How to know if it’s an opportunity.

How to know if it’s an opportunity.

In a day, many changes occur around us.

Those can be small or big,

And every change comes with an opportunity.

Thus, we get an infinite number of chances in a day,

And many of them go unnoticed,

But how exactly does this happen?

If I knew I am given an opportunity, won’t I grab it as fast as I can?

What if I didn’t know about it, what would happen then?

There are lots of uncertainties that can prove to be beneficial,

Only if one knows,

Have you ever gave it a thought?

Though, if you haven’t,

Let’s think about it now…..

” “

Everyday is usual to me, at least that’s what I feel.

I wasn’t like this always, a mediocre person. I was a dreamer.

A believer, a seeker, someone who never gives in to hope.

But right now I’m in a state of life where everything is static.

Everything is certain and predictable, which is good but somehow incomplete.

The fun of uncertainty has been lost and thus it feels mediocre.

I have been actively looking for change but no such thing has happened.

And maybe the reason is, I have nothing new to do or something like that.

What if, I don’t want this life anymore? What if I want something new?

Well, no would stop me form doing that, right?

Yes, right of course. ‘Let’s do something different.’ I thought to myself.

‘Like, what?’ another thought struck right after. ‘I’ll figure something out.’

And yet another few days passed, I am still trying to figure out which new thing I would enjoy doing.

Between those days I also tried to avoid the constant parts of my day.

Like a few colleagues, places, and I even changed the food I had most.

Still, all was the same as before. ‘Now what to do?’ I asked myself.

Avoiding people didn’t turn out to be good, because I ended up with way more work than I had before.

No one was able to give me a heads up about anything as I have isolated myself.

Thus, I returned back to normal again. But I have to say this ‘Nothing changed.’

I don’t understand why, maybe it wasn’t a good idea.

Moving ahead, I was convinced that this isn’t how everything will be for the rest of my life.

And so I tried different stuff everyday.

I would go out with my friends and do the activities they prefer.

Our choices had a huge difference and thus I had to adjust a lot.

Again after a few days, I dropped that idea too, as I got sick by the intake of food that I weren’t able to digest.

On the day off, I reflected back to all the craziness I’ve done and realised something.

All that time I was running from what I am doing because it didn’t made me feel anything special.

So in order to feel that, I tried to change everything around me.

While what should I’ve been doing was to find the cause and turn it into an opportunity.

That was very wise to think but not so easy to pursue.

I had no idea what I was getting at, how to turn something into an opportunity that I want for myself.

Then what I did was, I visualized how I want everything to be.

When the picture was clear in my head, I thought of what I experienced in the past few days.

I realised that every step that I took led me to something that I never knew, could happen or existed.

I found out that, there is so much that I skipped on. And now I know what to do.

Then the next few days, I welcomed everything that came to me, without complaining.

And I did get what I truly wanted. A life that I can enjoy as well as look forward to.

Now I keep my eyes wide open and mind clear, so that I can see through the certainties and find the meaning behind the uncertainties.

” “

– You will find what you’re looking for, you just have to fly above the cloud of your concerns.
– Opportunities are always at your hand, look closely.
– It’s you, who decides what kind of life you’re living.
– Quit complaining and seek what you’re looking for.

Hey everyone,

Today was all about chances and opportunities,

And I hope that you liked it,

I love writing for you guys,

Thank you so much for reading,

We’ll meet again, until then Sayonara.

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    Your words are quite motivating. It lifted my mood. Thankyou.! See you soon.?

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