How to strengthen your Focus?

How to strengthen your Focus?

It is usually not easy to be focused on one thing,

Nowadays, people have several tasks on hand to take care of,

And each of them are considered equally important.

Do you do that too?

Well I have to say, I do.

There are so many things to see-to and then we get lost between them.

And being entangled, one might not find the very thing that they need.

Thus, focus is a very tricky and essential part of life.

Let’s blur out everything for a moment and focus on a our imagination………

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I was sitting on the chair, in front of my computer trying to write an article which I had to submit within two days to the magazine I work for.

It was an important task but also very tiring one. I had to sit through hours and think up stuff to write.

While I was writing, mom called me to help her move the winter clothes from upper cabinets to empty space in the cupboard, where everyone can easily take them.

I asked her if anyone else was free to help her, but no one was home and so I have to get up and do it.

After completing the moving, I thought of the work I had pending and went back to my desk.

But I was too lazy to do that again for hours. And so, I thought I should take a break and refresh my mind.

So, I bought some snacks from the kitchen to my room and started watching the series I very much like.

I didn’t realise how much time I spent on that until mom called again and asked me to go to the store to buy some missing ingredients for dinner.

As soon as I got back from the store I started working on the article with all my concentration.

After a little while, I was called for dinner. Everyone was already on the table and I greeted them all.

We had a nice supper and chat, and later I helped mom to do the dishes.

I usually wait for two hours before going to bed and in that time I completed other stuff I was concerned with.

Like, making a schedule for the next day, organising my desk, analysing the work and the other activities I did that day and so on.

By the time I completed all my chores, I was already feeling sleepy and so I climbed the bed and grabbed a book to read, as it is my habit to read before I sleep.

After waking up the next morning and getting ready for work, I got multiple texts from the office that I have to run some errands before arriving there.

And here I go again, following my routine, just doing things and sometimes not even liking them.

This is what I’ve been doing for a while now, just wake up, go to work, come back in the evening and go to bed, I’m quite fed up and I don’t know why.

I chose the work of writing because I liked doing it very much, but now it is just tiresome.

The only thing I enjoy in my day now, is the reading that I do before I go to bed.

‘How did things turn out this way? when did I lose interest in my work?’ I asked myself.

I was so much hopefull and high spirited person, I chose what I loved to do and still I was living just a mediocre and stressful life.

“It was never supposed to be this way.” I told myself, and so I took a day off from the office to figure out what I want and how.

Though I had to turn in the article on time and so I worked late that night and completed it to have the next day completely to myself.

This morning as I woke up, I was ready to learn something new about myself. I was prepared to find out the reason where I changed.

I walked downstairs and had breakfast, spent some quality time with my family and then all got busy in their respective works.

Having nothing to do, I thought of going to a library, my favorite place on earth.

There I read some old magazines where I had published my articles and I noticed that overtime my writings have became more statistical than creative.

The reason why that happened was because I started feeling reserved while working.

I had set boundaries and limits in which I completed my work and that made it more tedious than intresting.

And those limits were because I always had something else on hand to complete that it diverted my attention.

Though it wasn’t only the time limit but the way I looked at what I did, that made it more lenthy.

Now that I know what made me so grumpy about the things I do, I had to find a way to associate with everything and make the best out of it.

My passion still lied in writing and so I decided to give it my complete attention for at least two hours in a day.

And in that time I will not take any other task in between. Or even better, I will complete any other important things first and then make my writing my leisure time.

how to strengthen your focus


  • Focus is something which isn’t easy to hold, but does a lot of good when given properly.
  • Everyone says to ‘find your passion’ but it isn’t always butterflies and unicorns in doing that, so to make the best out of your passion and yourself, you will have to love it unconditionally.
  • It is only logical that you can not do just one thing in a whole day and so it’s okay to sit back, relax and entertain yourself, but the real test is when you’re doing something productive which won’t be so much entertaining and you will have to say yes to the work and no to the pleasure, that’s only when you grow.

Hello everyone, how are you doing?

Have you found your passion yet? NO?

It’s okay, you will soon.

Till then keep reading, and if you like my post do share it with someone who can relate.

And if you have to ask me anything or tell me something, comment below.

Thanks for reading with me.

Have a great time ahead.

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