Overcoming Anxiety.

Overcoming Anxiety.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

– Wayne Dyer

I am writing this one especially because our generations has faced the most changes.

And the competitions are increasing day by day, in all the fields.

People nowadays are more likely to ignore feelings over benefits.

In this fast changing world, many of us may feel left behind and neglected.

The need for more, never ends. If one has money, they need more. If one has fame, they want more and so on.

Either we have or we do not, at the end of the day something is always missing and we feel anxious.

We think no one understands, because no one listens or no one has the time to, right?

That’s not true.

This post is for everyone out there, who thinks no one care, We have each other.

Let us read together and share and understand……….

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It feels like my whole life is passing by and I have no power over it. I am always being ordered to do things.

Whether it is in school or home, I feel like I’m always being pushed over.

I am tired of living like this, there’s no one to whom I can tell how I feel because everyone is so busy with their own problems.

‘Today at school I will try to be better, to be useful and it will be a good day.’ I told myself as I got up from bed.

I didn’t know what was coming today, most of my days were weary and problematic.

It was like trouble always found it’s way to me, and I always stood there waiting for it.

No one wants to be like that and neither do I. There are people who have so many friends and almost everyone likes them and then there’s me always invisible.

Sometimes I feel jealous for what others have and I do not and it’s like I am missing out on so much but I have no other choice, I am like that from the start ‘ the nonexistent one ‘.

As I stepped through the school gate, my one and only friend approached me with a huge smile and greeted me.

I liked hanging out with him, together we both were ‘ the invisibles ‘, that’s a funny name I know and it was his idea.

He is the funny one and I am the one with brain. Haha I’m just kidding, we both are equally intelligent and funny, at least that’s what I think.

The only difference we have is that I care too much about the people around us and what they think, and he doesn’t.

The day was no different than others until we entered the cafeteria where someone accidentally spilled their cup of ice cream on me.

I was immediately the source of laughter and fun for everyone in the room. People were laughing and making fun of me as they usually do.

And I stood there numb, waiting for it to stop but it never did. I was then dragged away by my friend and I went to the bathroom to clean up.

The stains were still on my clothes, my friend wanted to talk to me about the incident and apparently I didn’t want to.

“Why do these things happen to me.” was the only thing I said as I rushed off to the class, and he followed.

As I entered all the eyes were on us again, those weird and freaky looks can never get old. People were eyeing and making fun of me just because of one stupid ice cream.

I cannot believe how pathetic that was and it was still happening, I couldn’t get my mind off of it even if I tried, he distracted me a few times but I was back on those thoughts again and again.

Even when the lecture was ongoing I was turning my head right and left just to make sure that I wasn’t laughed at anymore.

Which again caused me trouble, as the teacher saw me scanning the class and I was scolded for misbehaviour. Hence embarrassing myself once more.

When the lecture ended I stood up straight to leave as soon as possible, I heard someone call out to me and I knew it was just to make fun and so I didn’t turn back.

But then few more people started shouting my name so I looked at them all the sudden and I collided with the person behind me.

At this point my anger was uncontrollable and I ran out of there without stopping till I was outside the corridor.

I sat on the grass in the school campus, I was overwhelmed with emotions but still maintained my cool and stayed silent.

My friend was right behind me, he sat there with me, that too without saying anything. And I really liked that, because I wasn’t able to talk.

He waited till I was able to say anything and so we can have a conversation. I spoke eventually, I didn’t know what to say so I asked how he was doing.

And he laughed, he literally just laughed at me again. I punched him so he can shut his mouth and stop making me feel so miserable for doing nothing more but speaking.

“Am I really a joke or a fool that everyone finds something humorous about and start laughing at?” I inquired concernedly,

“No, you are not.” he said,

“Then why do these things happen to me.” I complained, he shrugged,

We sat there until the bell rang and it was time for the last class, I was not sure of going in again as I stood in the premises,

“Just don’t pay attention to anyone.” he advised,

“Easy for you to say.” I claimed, and he laughed again giving me the strength to walk in.

I tried not to look at anyone and simply sat on the chair, paying attention to the teacher till the end. Then I left the class as calmly as I could.

On my way out, someone stopped in front of me, I looked up to inquire what the matter was and they just started belittling me.

“What’s the matter?” I asked,

“We know you do all that stupid stuff only because you want attention.” they said cruelly,

“Are you mad, who would even want that.” I cried,

They didn’t stop their accusations and I just ran away from their and headed straight home, and again the dear friend chase was on.

He screamed my name as I ran and ran, not stopping even to take a breath. He caught me eventually and made me sit on the nearest bench.

“Why are you doing this to yourself?” he said after a while,

“I am doing, really you too? From the moment I wake up to the one I go to bed everything goes wrong, bad things happen around me always, I try so hard to see that nothing goes wrong but everything does. Sometimes, I don’t even wanna get up from bed because I know nothing good is ever going to happen to me.” I spoke with tears in my eyes,

“That’s where you are wrong.” he said, I sat quietly listening to him,

“You see, most of your problems are in your head. You always think that you are going to embarrass yourself and then you do. I’m not saying that you are doing this on purpose, but it is highly affecting you. You are not less than anyone else in that room, you are not the troublemaker, problems not only come to you. So don’t create a situation in your head that makes you think any of that. You know, you are the best and the most effective person I’ve ever met, don’t let that hide in the clouds of your concerns. You are not the problem, and you don’t create problems. Stop thinking that, be the best of yourself. I know who you are, so let me help you see it and smile because you know who you are, not what people tell you.” he affirmed.

I smiled, not because he told me to but because I knew he was right. I do think a lot and then end up having doubts about myself.

We sat there for a while then, he kept telling me how great I am and I kept laughing, well probably because it was too much, but I didn’t doubt myself for once then and forever.

” “

So this type situation can also form in your work environment or around your siblings, but trust me when I say this ‘no one can see who you truly are, unless you do yourself’.

overcoming anxiety


  • As written earlier ‘most of your problems are in your head’, so think positive, think good about yourself, because if you’ll love yourself, you won’t even worry about who loves you or who doesn’t.
  • Don’t beat yourself up over what others think of you because they don’t know you. So you either show them your true side or don’t worry at all.
  • No matter how bad you think the situation is, it will all clear up, it will all be okay, just believe in yourself.
  • Having self doubt is for a few seconds is okay, but get up and back on track the next second.
  • People laugh, mostly to hide their own insecurities, don’t let them get you down.

Hello everyone, I don’t know how this article helped you, or even if it did or not,

but it helped me a lot, because to think that somebody is out there reading this and smiling is the greatest gift of all.

Do comment, and share this experience with me, as well as with others if you like.

Have a good day and see you next time.

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    The reason why she is self blaming herself all the time? Ya it’s all about what stuck in our head.. but there must be a reason for such behaviour

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        I am just telling that it’s not mentioned in above story… everyone has their own scars

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