Save your city, Save yourselves.

Save Your City, Save Yourselves – Protecting Environment story [1]

UV rays,
Ozone layer depleting,
Melting glaciers,
Increasing carbon dioxide content.
Isn’t it scary?
The world where you live is on the verge of a break down.
Let us step up and  start making a change…….
” “
There was once a village called Climatonia. It had the most diverse population and a giant.
The giant set all the rules for the villagers and they did what they were told, without question.
The villagers were so adapted that they never tried anything new and walked around like sheep with the giant herding them.
The village prospered for many many years, until one day the giant stopped telling people what to do.
The people thought that they had made a mistake because of which the giant was gone.
And they were anxious about bringing it back, but without the giant they had no idea what to do.
Days passed by and the people continued to do what they usually did, making variety of items from leaves.
There were artifacts, utensils, and even roofs. These things were supposed to be sold periodically and the giant was in charge of that. Who was apparently gone.
The villagers continued the same work till autumn, then all the leaves went yellow and fell down.
There was now a shortage of leaves and on the other hand, the villagers had a huge amount of leaf artifacts and utensils.
What to do now? the villagers thought. For a few more days they all met at one place expecting some miracle to happen and they get a solution.
But they got nothing until one day, when someone saw a woodpecker and got an idea that they can make things from wood now.
Everyone liked the idea and they all started brainstorming on how to get wood and mold it. 
They tried kicking, pushing, pulling the tree but it didn’t move even a little. What now?
There has to be a way, how was the bird able to do something that the people weren’t. So they turned towards the person who saw the woodpecker and asked.
It was its sharp beak the person replied. And hence the villagers found out a way to cut and mold the tree.        
At first there were little dolls and toys in the making, then they started making stuff comparatively bigger as per the needs.
Now someone from the crowd spoke up and said “If we keep making stuff from wood at this rate there won’t be any left.”
The person was right and it put the villagers in dilemma. But they had to keep going, that was the ideology of the giant and so they did but slowed the work down.
One day out of nowhere came a traveler. The person roamed around the village but no one seemed to notice.
As the night fell, all the villagers gathered in a place as their daily routine and talked. That’s when the traveler introduced itself.
“My name is I.” the words came out like the wind and everyone looked up. They were astonished by the appearance of the traveler and started murmuring within themselves.
‘I’ smiled and participated in the conversation. The whole night went by talking and discovering the adventures of the traveler.
The people of the village were now happy and hopeful. Because they thought that the traveler would help them find their way and get them out of their problems.
They started working again, merrily this time. For days then, the traveler kept telling about the adventures and nothing else.
The villagers were now getting uneasy from all the talking and no solution. So they all decided to speak to the traveler about their problems.
But that night was a no moon and so everyone stayed in their homes. On seeing no one around, the traveler called out to the villagers and promised to show them some magic.
The villagers carefully got out of their homes and saw light coming through a bunch of wood.
Shocked! The villagers asked what was it. The traveler then said it was fire and taught them how to make it. And again they all sat and talked, this time the villagers came up with their story.
‘I’ was listening keenly to what the people were saying and came up with an idea.
“We will all go outside the village for a day, and it will be tomorrow.” ‘I’ said.
Everyone got excited and went to sleep thinking about their next day.
The following morning, there was no sign of the traveler, the people got worried. Just then a kid came and told them that ‘I’ went out of the village and wanted the people to come and search.
The villagers weren’t ready, they never left that place and didn’t know where to go. 
But they had to go, because ‘I’ was out there somewhere. And so they decided that a few men will go first. 
They all went in different directions and came back real quick. When everyone asked why, they said they had no idea what to do. 
Now all the people went together in search of ‘I’. They saw the river, the mountains at a distance, the barren land and many more things that they never saw in their lifetime.
Night fell and they all came back with no sign of ‘I’. They were feeling abandoned again but there was something different with them this time. 
As they were about to head to their homes, fire burned out in the middle of the village and they all turned and saw ‘I’. 
Happily, they paced towards the fire and sat around in a circle.  
‘I’ asked them what did they saw. And there were many different views of the same things they all saw. 
Now ‘I’ asked how were they feeling. They all had a same answer, “we feel different, in a good way.”
Listening to them all ‘I’ now said “we have a bunch of leaf toys what should we do?” 
Everyone had a different and unique idea for the stock. And then ‘I’ continued asking questions and people continued replying ecstatically.  
I’ then told everyone to go to sleep and get to work first thing in the morning. 
The next day, there were many cheerful faces and above all everyone knew what they had to do. 
The village started to prosper again and then one day ‘I’ announced of travelling to some other place.
Everyone stopped doing whatever they were doing and went to convince ‘I’ not to leave.
“We will not know what to do. You are the one who showed us our path, what will we do without you?” everyone spoke simultaneously.
“Make your own path.” ‘I’ said. “Let me tell you one last story before I go.” and continued.
I once met a man in the mountains, you see across the river. I thought he was a traveler just like me. But when we talked he revealed that he was there to search for a tree whose leaves will help him live forever. He was very sad while narrating the story and so I asked why? He said he had tried all the leaves and even tried cutting down some trees but everything was in vain. Looking at his misery I then asked “Did you ever thought that maybe the leaves would help live longer, if they were on trees?” The man then got angry and screamed at me for what I said. Because he thought that I was making fun of him, but then he understood me and told me about this village. I told him to come with me, but he said he had to go and fulfill his destiny. That was the man whom you once knew as ‘the giant’.   
Everyone was shocked, they knew nothing about the leaves and true motives of the giant until now. They now felt misused for the needs of someone else. 
Then someone asked the traveler what does he looked like and where did he go.
“Oh! he was a man just like you all, no big feet or hands or body.” ‘I’ said.
“Then why was he called giant?” asked another person. 
“He had big ideas that made him ‘the giant’. As we speak he is somewhere around the world, telling the people of the trees and the leaves and this way everyone can live longer.” 
“But what will he get from that?” asked a kid.
“He will be in the minds of people and live as ‘the giant’ forever.” 
Fascinated by the words of the traveler the people promised themselves to make their village a better place to live, and lead a happy life. 
” “


  • No one can be selfless for someone else, but the people can be selfless together for one thing ‘the place where they live’.
  • Sometimes you have to make ideas by yourself and stop depending on someone else.
  • You have to get out from your comfort zone to make a difference.
  • The leader is not the only one who has to making decisions, the people together can make a difference.
  • There is always strength and creativity in unity.
Hey you guys, I hope you liked the story and got what I wanted to say here.
Just know that no one likes to be alone and nor does the trees so let’s make our planet greener together.
Have a nice day, see ya.
And don’t forget to come back next Sunday.
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  1. Prashanth

    Great story?. But the villagers were already used to depend upon someone else. Do you think they can make the decisions themselves?

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