Speak Your Heart!

First and most important thing to learn in life (short motivation)

A Short Motivational Story

Speak Your Heart!

Have you ever imagined, if you could live like someone else for one day, who would it be?

You can be a sports star, maybe a celebrity, or a writer, oh! maybe an astronaut going into space…

But, would you believe me if I say you don’t have to imagine you can do all that for real?

Yeah, it sounds very intriguing, doesn’t it?

Let me tell you a story about one such time……..

It was just another day, or I can say that ‘the sun rose in the east and will be setting in the west’, overall nothing was unusual.
I got up, had a lot of coffee, and was all set to ride to college.
Yeah, college, where no one could interpret what will their day be like, no one except me because I never talked much and I was cool with it.
It’s not that no one wanted to talk to me, but I just never got involved in gossip and stuff.
So I spend a lot of time in the library, classic nerd hah! well, that’s me.
I have friends, a few good friends and it is because of them, that I can survive.
Arriving exactly at 7:30 as usual and went straight to my locker.
There aren’t many people around at this hour and I find it very peaceful, but today a most disturbing thing was going to happen.
I was headed to class when the principal stopped me in the middle and asked me for a favor,
A huge favor. 
I was pacing right to left in the cafeteria, constantly thinking about the excuses I can give to get rid of the situation, and apparently, I wasn’t getting any.
My friends seemed to enjoy this situation because they thought that giving a speech in front of the whole college was the most amazing thing to happen to me.
They wanted me to come out of my comfort zone and at last, I agreed. As the first bell rang I went to the Principal’s office and accepted the terms.
But little did we knew what was coming next to our way.
As I was going to deliver the speech after the lunch break, which was extremely short notice.
I was given the provision to skip classes until then and can ask anyone for help.
So I asked all my friends, after all, who wouldn’t take the benefit of privilege like that. 
For quite a while, we kept brainstorming about the idea that the principal dropped on us ‘Things we learn’.
Which was an incomplete sentence, like learn where – in college, out of college, during college, in life.
We were all confused because not only everyone had a different idea but all of us wanted to have our ideas on paper.
It wasn’t going to be convenient for me to speak on stage in front of that huge crowd. 
Then came someone out of nowhere, I didn’t realize it until their voice rang loud into my ears,
“Can you keep it down, people are trying to study here.”
And the next words just blurted out of my mouth like a bullet “Who studies in a cafeteria?”
That right there was the moment when I looked in his/her eyes, he/she was bewildered by what I said and so was I.
For a moment there was silence and then I saw that I was standing right outside the library and we were making so much noise. 
I quickly apologized and explained the situation, which was totally unnecessary.
And that’s where the friends come in to make the situation weirder, they all started passing embarrassing looks and smiles,
And I stood there rigid like a statue.
Now at this point, anyone else would go and continue to mind their own business, but not him/her,
He/she actually offered me help with a smile so wide, I couldn’t help but turn all red.
After that awkward but sweet encounter, we all agreed on one idea, his/her idea to roam around the college and see what we can find to inspire the speech.
I asked him/her to come along and we took off. 
We were all chatting and pointing out things that were always there and we never noticed. How strange is that right?
Though I was really enjoying it all, I’ve never done something fun for studies, and walking the college to get ideas seemed just perfect,
Also getting to know my sweet encounter was the most fun part.
He/she was telling me about the classes we had together and all the things related to me, which left me wondering how have I not seen him/her before.
Maybe I’m just too busy shutting everyone out. Oh! and I almost forgot to mention how much I liked the way he/she was talking, it was so intense that I was distracted from everything but his/her voice.
I smiled a little to myself and then regained my attention to the speech. 
It was now just an hour left before the lunch bell to go off and so we returned to the cafeteria to discuss a little before I wrote the speech.
There was no doubt that we were screaming again and so I took out my pen and paper and asked them one by one what they think I should write. 
The topics so far were sports, general studies, practicals, history, literature, and so on, all of which were extremely boring.
Yet I started to write down some points about each of them and then read it out loud for everyone to listen to. 
Practically, everyone thought that it was good because it involved everything that we learn here. But to me, it didn’t sound very appealing. 
“We hear about these every day and today has to be special. I can’t bore people out by this stuff.” I said and everyone nodded. 
The college was celebrating the birthday of our library and spreading the awareness of unity which was already going to be stuffy and tiring,
And I wanted it to end with something inspiring.
I shared this idea with everyone and thus we again started to put our minds to it.
We kept thinking till the lunch bell rang which made us all worried.
Now I didn’t have much time to write out of imagination and people was already flooding in.
I was hungry and so was everyone else, thus we grabbed our lunch and seated in a corner.
To my surprise, everyone in the cafeteria was smiling towards me or maybe at me, I really didn’t know but who cares right? 
I was sitting beside my sweet encounter who was certainly very uneasy,
So I asked what happened and he/she said that he/she wasn’t used to that much attention and it was making him/her want to shoot bullets at everyone, listening to which I couldn’t help but laugh. 
“Why would you say that?” I asked
“To distract me from the odd folks and your laugh happens to be exactly what I needed.” he/she said. 
I could scream OMG right now because I wasn’t used to flirting at all. But yes, I happen to like it, duh who doesn’t.
It took my mind off the speech for a very good amount of time, or say it was a bad amount of time,
Because when I realized I was off the track I started to freak out. 
I was just about the run to the library when some students came over to our table and started roasting me with questions.
After giving a few answers, it felts all too much for me to cope up with, 
As I wasn’t certain if they really wanted the answers or were they just picking on me.
And again that’s where the friends come in, they rescued me from the lot and we paced towards the library,
We reached there just a second before the bell rang signaling that lunch was over.   
Now everyone looked at me nervously because they all knew that it was time for the program to start and I had to go backstage all alone, which might panic me.
But no, I wasn’t panicking at all, in fact, I was confident than ever before. I assured them all to go and take the seats with the best view and trust me, so they did. 
As everyone was leaving I held back my sweet encounter and thanked him/her for standing up for me at the lunch, which wasn’t his/her scene but yet he/she did it.
To which he/she simply smiled, hugged me, wished me luck, and took off. 
The whole show was as I anticipated, long and heavy, I could see the faces of each and every student, yawning and sleeping.
I was just finishing down my speech when the principal came from behind and startled me, to which he apologized and asked to read the speech before I go on stage.
From the expressions on his face, I knew that I did a good job, and we both were now satisfied. 
And now, it was finally the time to go up on the stage as the anchor calls my name.
There was a lot of yawning and uneasy faces in the crowd and for a moment my legs froze, everything went silent and I just wanted to run backward,
But then I saw my friends waving at me and cheering me from the front row, so I regained my composure and started to speak. 
“I very well know that everyone in this hall wants to leave as soon as they can, but why did you all come here in the first place? I’ll say it is out of respect., that’s the first thing we learn. 
Now as I said that, many of the dull faces turned at me with a different expression, that’s interest. It helps to learn.
I was asked today to speak about the things we learn but wasn’t told any more than that, no hints at all, so I learned many things because there wasn’t a limit. 
I learned to laugh a little more, I learned to walk a little more, I learned to care a little more, I learned that you can conquer anything with the right people beside you, and those are your friends, your parents, your teachers.
I learned to fight for what’s worth, I learned to show kindness, even to the ones who you think don’t deserve.
I’ve learned that there is so much to learn if we do not limit ourselves. But above all,
I’ve learned to love me, to put faith in me, to trust me, to accept me, to stand up for me.
I’ve learned to have this confidence and know that everyone here will listen to me.
But first of all, I’ve learned to be me. 
As I said that, the crowd cheered up and the entire hall was filled with hurrahs and applause, it felt really good.
I smiled at all my friends, thanked them at the end of the speech. Thanked the teachers and the principal. 
For me this was a moment out of a fairy tale, I never expected that I could do something like that, being someone that rarely speaks.
But now I know, if I put my mind onto something I can definitely do it.  
That was the day that changed my life in ways that I can never imagine and I’m grateful for it.  
” “
You can do it all, but…
  1. You have to trust yourself, believe in yourself. 
  2. You have to accept that there will be hardships and you’ll get through them all.
  3. You have to be with people who inspire you, encourage you, lift you up.
  4. You have to believe that whatever comes your way is to make you strong. How you react to the situation is all that matters.
  5. And last but not least, You have to be grateful for everything that you have. 

So, I hope this story made your day a little bit merrier. 

Let me know your thoughts, in the comment box.  

Have a  nice day.

And don’t forget to come back next Sunday. See you! 

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