The easiest solution to feeling low.

Is there really an easiest solution to feeling low?

Has something or someone ever let you down so bad, that you can’t feel the need to get up again?

The thing can be your most prized possession or an asset.

The person can be you. Who let you down.

Have you ever felt so drowned that giving up is the only way you can see?

But you know what, it isn’t the only way.

It is hard to rebuild, but it isn’t impossible.

Let’s find out a way together…………

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One day, in the morning I woke up with a notification on my phone that the website which I was building and running successfully has gone down.

It took me almost a year to increase its reach and now all of it just vanished.

Nothing is more exhausting and devastating than this. What am I supposed to do now?

Sit back, relax, and wait for everything to go back to normal? Well, what if it doesn’t?

How can I relax, when I can’t even breathe. Everything seems to be falling apart.

I am static on my bed, can’t move, or don’t want to move.

It’s like every piece of me is shedding little by little and there’s nothing I could do.

If I say it out loud, the only answer I will get is that I’m overreacting. But I am really not, I do feel crushed.

Only I know how much it took to establish something like that and now that it’s gone, I know nothing anymore.

How am I supposed to cope with this feeling, hide the emotions? I can’t, but no one will understand so ultimately I have to.

“Wake up with a smile little one,” I told myself and got up from bed.

I tried to be normal the rest of the day. I smiled a little more so that the pain would not show.

Everyone, close to me, knew about that incident and kept asking what happened. I simply answered and tried to change the topic.

Then they would say ‘don’t worry you’ll get it back, everything will be fine.’

It’s easy to say everything will be fine, but it’s me who is going through with it and I know I can’t keep calm.

At those times, I wanted to scream and cry and shout loud enough that my voice reach the sky, but instead I kept quiet and smiled.

It was like a storm inside of me which can’t come out. And it continued for several days.

I kept waiting for everything to get back to normal. I even tried many things to make it work properly again but everything was in vain.

Until one day, something happened that made me realize, that it’s not the end of the world and I could start seeing it as an opportunity.

I was walking back home one evening when I saw an old couple sitting on their lawn conversing about something.

They waved at me as I passed them and I stepped towards the lawn, took a chair, and seated myself.

I always greeted them in the morning, on my way to work and their smile always lighten up my heart.

That day, they asked me if I was okay, and I said yes. I didn’t understand why they asked me such a thing, but I felt good.

We sat there and chatted for a few minutes. They offered me cookies and tea and told me stories about their youth.

It fascinated me in a way, I was thoroughly enjoying my time there. And for once my mind was off the breakdown of my website.

Then they started telling me about how they met. It was one winter afternoon at a cafe, far from town.

It turned out they both were there at the same camp and later, met again at dinner.

The old man told me that he tried very much but the lady won’t fall for anything. He said that she didn’t like his short height.

And yet, here they are together, enjoying each other’s company and living their best life. I was happy to have had this encounter.

And later I asked how they had maintained such a healthy relationship and they told me everything about it.

How they supported each other through hard times and persevered in life.

They teased each other on the topic of not being able to do things and it continued for a while.

I left there when the sun almost went down and walked home with a completely different feeling.

I wasn’t sad anymore. The conversation was going on in my mind and I was smiling to myself.

As I stepped forward the smile grew wider and in no time I started laughing, really hard.

I was not concerned if someone would think I was a fool but instead, I was happy, and I shared a smile or two on my way home.

Though whatever happened with my site may or may not be in my best interest, dwelling on the loss is definitely not for the best.

To be that much happy when you grow old is to never give up on the things you love.

The easiest solution to feeling low. do not worry, just get up.


  • It’s ok to feel sad if you lose something, but it is necessary to move on.
  • Nothing will happen unless you would make it happen.
  • A downfall is often like a trampoline, so jump twice back up.
  • It’s not late to start and never too late to start over. So, just get back out there and do it.
  • It’ll be tough, no doubt. But you’ll make it. Believe in yourself.

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