The Power of Belief.

The Power Of Belief. – short motivation story

Do you have faith in yourself?
How much?
If I told you, ‘you can jump off a building and not get hurt.’
Would you believe me?
Now if I add a few words in that sentence like ‘you will jump off a building in a chute and you won’t get hurt.’
You believe me now, right?
Why am I telling you this? It’s not even relevant, don’t you think?
Well, maybe it is.
You see, at first, even I didn’t believe that one can be unharmed after jumping off a building.
But then I added a resource through which I can achieve the first activity or say goal.
So, when I believed it can happen, you believed it too.
Let’s see how can we have this attitude and put it in good use……….
” “
The one thing that I feared most was negligence. I couldn’t stand being ignored.
I have this urge of pleasing people around me that I can’t cope. ‘Why is that?’ I ask myself but get no conclusion.
It does me no good and eventually I end up hurting myself. And the worst thing is I do it to myself.
I can’t blame anyone, I can’t complain to anyone. I can do nothing but be sad about it.
Is this, how it will be, for the rest of my life. Why can’t I change?
All of this is so pathetic, and I don’t even know why can’t I stop thinking about it.
Well, what else can I do, I might as well think that I’m hopeless. Or am I not?
The morning when I told myself something different from what I’ve been telling myself so far was the day when it all began.
I was on my way to a seminar held by one of the students from our batch to get more attention and help for the project work their team was doing.
Usually, all I did at events like these was either fall asleep or make fun along with the people around me.
But today I decided to watch and learn. To find out what potential is out there and how much patience do I hold.
The seminar started impressively, the beginning was good, the presentation was good but then somehow the quality depleted.
And as it continued, it turned out to be extremely tedious and the person who arranged could see it too, so he ended the presentation abruptly with a nice good bye.
I couldn’t understand what happened. The beginning was good then how come it turned this way.
I went home thinking about the event all the way. And I realised that it was because no one was properly paying attention.
I was once a kid like that, making fun of others to fit in myself, with the people around me.
I was disturbed by what happened, it was so bad for that person. I could see how high hopes he had but they just were crushed.
Why? Because he was trying to do something the others didn’t.
How can I ever be a part of something like that, I don’t like hurting people but unknowingly I’ve done it maybe.   
All of this was making no sense , it seemed like I was trapped in a certain reality and there is no escape.
I didn’t know where I was going, I didn’t know what was happening, I felt like screaming but no one was listening.
I was getting so frustrated. If it was a dream I needed to wake up immediately, but unfortunately it wasn’t.
It is life and it will go on, never stopping for anyone.
I dropped down on a bench, at the side walk, staring at a distance. Breathing deep.
I did nothing for a while, not even a thought, just sat there, feeling numb.
The wind was cold, the clouds in the sky were moving slow, squirrels were playing around the trees, it was a beautiful scenario.
Little by little, I got over every overwhelming feeling and there in that moment I felt peace.
I took out a book from my bag and wrote everything I was feeling, all the things that I was sad about, everything that I was depressed about, and then everything that I was happy about.
And my biggest gratitude was that ‘I am alive and I have this life.’
I inserted a different perspective, and as I did, there in that moment I felt alive. More than ever.
I let go of the things that I couldn’t control, I let go of all the sadness and it left me with things to be grateful about.
I know I’ve tried hard to be a part of something, but I always forgot that I am something too, someone who is not meant to fit in.
I smiled for everything that has happened so far in that day, and the day before and for the life I’ve had.
I smiled wide enough to let it reach my heart and leave a mark forever.   
“Tomorrow will always be happier than today, and today is going to be the best day” I wrote at last and got up to walk home.
The next day, as I now believed something different will happen, I saw myself as a more reasonable and more self dependent person.
And when I went downstairs and had an interaction with my sibling, that was the moment when I realised those were just thoughts, and nothing actually changed.
I am the same old person, the people around me are the same. Who was I kidding.
But then I thought, why give up?  what do I have to loose? 
So I took out that book again and read what I had written, and those were some really good motivating lines. 
Hence, I again felt good and decided to overcome anything coming in my way by having a look at the book. 
There were many moments in my day, where I could have behaved as I was meant to by the society, but I didn’t.
And that really helped me enjoy my day, far more than I ever did.
Though I wasn’t with many people but the few, whom I was with taught me a lot, and I was grateful for that.
Now this attitude of mine was attracting many good people and opportunities.
This was the time when I started my first ever community center at college.
I knew the idea was huge and it would take up most of time but I wanted to do it and so I did.    
The first thing I did was to make sure people were willing to join me and so I designed flyers all night to make me look more serious about it. 
The next day when I put up the posters and sent out the invites, a very few persons were there to be a part of it. 
It was a little disappointing, but ok, I wasn’t giving up hope. 
I went to the faculty members to get permission for my program and I was very excited to get started, but alas they said ‘no’. 
Because there weren’t any fund to start a new program like this and make place for a bunch of people.
Now that was a very bad news. I went back to those few people and told about it.
All the excitement was gone and I was perplexed about the situation.
I had everything planned, it was a perfect idea, a perfect time and it just didn’t happen right.
I sat there for a few minutes, thinking about other ways to make it happen.
And that’s when someone suggested that we could use the old abandoned gym of the college.
It was a great idea and so went back to the faculty and this time, I convinced them how great this idea was and finally got the permission.
Now the gym was very old and so I needed a proper cleaning, which unfortunately I had to make happen by myself.
I asked for help, from those who joined me. And to my surprise everyone was willing to do the cleaning.  
It was hard work but at last we did it. We were able to successfully start the center. And I couldn’t be more happy about it 
Though in the beginning very few people took interest in the activities but as I believed more in myself, I was able to make the center just as I imagined it to be.
It was though a little achievement, but it meant so much to me and I was very satisfied with the results.
I was happy that I did something for myself, by myself. But I was happier to do something for every other person in that room.
And the best part is, I did it all just by believing in myself and  never giving up.
” “
  • It is said that ‘nothing is impossible’. And believe me when I tell you ‘it is true’. Believe in yourself and  anything is possible.
  • There will be a thousand opinions of you by the people, but what you see yourself as, will matter the most. 
  • You have to remember one thing though, all of this would no be easy but you’ll get through, just don’t stop believing. 

When you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.  – The alchemist. 

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So what are you up to today?

I hope that whatever it is, is going to make your day. 

Have a happy Sunday… 

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