The Power of Subconscious mind.

The Power of Subconscious mind.

How many of you feel that something is missing?

Something, which might be important in your life but it isn’t there, and so you feel numb.

You are doing just fine, but something is not right.

That something, most of the times is your happiness.

Because, no matter how well you’re doing, if you don’t like doing it, either work or relationships, that real happiness will always be missing.

Have you read the book ‘the secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, and ‘the alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho.

These are my two favourite books, and both of them focuses on how to fulfil your dreams and deepest desries.

Do you have something that you really want?

Then tell the universe that you want it, and you might get it.

The law of attraction comes in action there,

Let us all come together and see how it works……….

” “

One Sunday morning I was casually reading, when I came across some interesting stuff.

I’ve read mostly about business and success, but something different caught my eye that day.

There was an article about achieving goals by believing and imagining it happen. I was intrigued and started scanning through it.

It was very philosophical, it included all the things like impact of thoughts, process of success, power of imagination, the subconscious mind, and so on.

I was quite fascinated and wanted to try some of that right away and so I made an action plan.

Recently I was given a product survey, more like a test for audience interest before the launch. And for that I had put up a brief seminar.

It was a perfume in an elegantly shaped bottle so as to give it an exquisite look.

The scent was refreshing as well as soothing and in three different variety.

I made a short presentation on the specifications and pros and cons of the product with a whole-hearted speech on why it is different and worth buying.

Which went extremely under expectation.

But I was convinced that the product wasn’t that bad and thus, I continued making plans to impress more people so they would invest in that product.

I felt or somehow anticipated, I was short on something and that was causing the hinderance in my success.

After reading that article I thought of a different approach in the advertisement of the product.

Though I knew that the product was good and worth the time and money, I first tested if out by myself and made a video of it.

I went to some people who came to the seminar and asked them if they were willing to state their experience of that day in front of the camera.

Luckily, some of them agreed.

I invited those people over to my home, greeted them merrily, offered them tea, talked for a while, then asked a few questions before they left.

I interviewed each of them individually giving everyone enough time to speak, sat beside them to make them comfortable and feel like just a normal conversation.

Most of them knew me already and so it was even more satisfying. I had a pleasant time attending to them and I felt grateful for the time they spared for me.

After they left, I sat by myself thinking about the recent events.

In the article it was written that if you feel good, everything that happens will be good. This was the first thing or a trick, that I applied with today’s hosting.

And it turns out that it really works. Not for a second I let myself feel that the people might be here to criticize, and guess what, they didn’t.

It was very amusing and I kept smiling by myself. Afterall why won’t I, I was really happy.

I started making an advertisement for yet another seminar, this time I kept it more authentic and added a funny but appealing tag line.

I sent it out to my company in the noon and they approved it till evening.

This time I had kept the seminar exclusive, added some personal invitees and it got a little high budget.

Most of the times advertisements and venues with high budget never got approved, but I was just confident before sending it out and it really got accepted.

After the news spread in the company premises, I got a few calls from my colleagues to inquire how I got the deal.

I had no explanation but only the belief in myself and I simply told them, though they hardly accepted it. I then invited them all plus one guest each.

This made them happy as well, and I got a few more visitors. I didn’t know how I got that idea, it was random but perfect.

I was now left with a few days before the seminar, so I started editing the video and making a fine presentation.

And for ten to fifteen minutes, twice a day, I would imagine how the whole program will happen.

In doing so I actually started believing the things I thought were really happening and that made me even more confident.

The day of the seminar came, there were so many people in the room. I was a little nervous but it didn’t scare me.

I showed the presentation first, it was of three slides and I have added a few funny characters and a story to it.

Everyone laughed and so I can assume that they liked it.

Next, I showed the video of what were the views of people and how well we got along.

In the end of the video I added another funny clip, in which I was spraying the perfume in the room and on me as well.

“Yes, I did that.” I laughed and asked, “How did you like the smell of my home, those who were there?”

I got all the positive comments and an applause for my presentation. And that happened just like I imagined.

Of all the things, that clapping of hands was the exact representation of my imagination and it was the thing that mattered the most.

After that, the head of our project came up on the stage and surprised everyone by announcing the official launch of the product.

He stood on the stage beside me, asked me not to leave, thanked me for my efforts as he gave a speech and we cut the ribbon together for the launch.

After that, there was a launch party and an investors summit.

People were coming up to me and appreciating, which was extremely flattering and unexpected.

I was on cloud nine that day, and I know now if I feel good, good things will come my way.

” “


  • Our subconscious mind has tremendous potential, if you feed it the right information, it is very likely to happen.
  • It is true that if you feel good, all the good things will happen, because you will find good in everything and vice versa.
  • If you are giving out positive vibes and feeling positive, you will attract positivity.
  • Imagination helps too, because if you can imagine it you can do it. Start from the little things, if you imagine saying something to someone, you will find yourself doing that in real sooner or later.
  • Believe in yourself, it is the most important thing or a gift you could give yourself.

Hello everyone…..!

How is this little dose of motivation treating you?

Feel free to comment and let me know.

If you’d like, read the book ‘the alchemist’, it’s really motivating and my personal favourite.

Do like and share this post if you think it can help someone,

Untill then, see you next time.

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