What laziness takes away from you.

What laziness takes away from you.- a short motivation

There are several times where I had left things to do later,
And then I might have forgotten it. 
How many of you had done the same?
A few times maybe, right?
Well, we have something in common then. 
But don’t you think, if that thing which we delayed might have lead to something good, 
If only it was done, when it was supposed to. 
I think that too. Wow, that’s two common attributes in a row. 
Can we just go back in past and make things right?
No we can’t!
Then what can we do?
Let’s find out together………
” “
It’s winter morning, I am cozy in my bed, not wanting to get out, but it is an important day so I had to wake up early.
I looked out the window, the weather didn’t seem so good and I stayed in bed for a few more minutes.
Clouds forming in the sky, winds blowing over the trees.
The sky is a perfect combination of blue and grey. It keep fascinating me.
I started wondering how my day will be. I am to meet a childhood friend, more like a mentor.
She has helped me through many circumstances of my life, she was my senior and now she is a professor at a big university.
I’m so excited to meet her, there hasn’t been much contact between us since she left the city, but I know that the bond is still strong. 
I realized that I got so lost thinking about all the memories we had together that I fell asleep again.
I stood right up as soon as I opened my eyes. I had an assignment to take care of and so I rushed to the bathroom to get ready. 
Because of my early reminiscing, I reached late at the university. And so, all the faculty members had already left for the lunch break. 
I cannot even believe I lost that much time in the morning, all I did was have breakfast at home and leave as soon as I could.
Where did I spent so much time that it’s already lunch break?
Oh yes! I was at my friend’s shop, reading comics. They were truly interesting, I almost lost the track of time.
I called a friend to sit with me outside the staff room, until someone arrives and I could submit my assignment.
As he came, he asked me if I filled up the online survey form related to the assignment and apparently, I had totally forgot about it.  
I remember keeping that for later, and then I never did it. I immediately turned on the internet and looked for the form to fill up.
It was almost complete when the network went down, and then I had to fill it up again. 
Then I realized it wasn’t the network but the website which wasn’t working properly.
And so, it took me a few tries before I submitted my survey. finally, completing my assignment.
I wanted to meet her( my mentor ) as soon as I leave the university and so I called. But alas, she was busy. 
At first she was in town just for one day, but luckily now she is staying a few days and so I can meet her anytime.
I could talk to her about so many things, I can even ask her what should I do after graduation.
She is so good at giving advises, I truly admire her, and I’m getting so hyped on the thought of meeting her after a long time.  
As I reached home, it was evening already and mom was making dinner. I greeted her and paced towards my room. 
Most of the things were spread on the floor because of my morning rush and so I took them all and lay them on the bed. 
I felt so tried that I skipped cleaning and flee downstairs to eat. 
It was my turn to take out the trash and so after dinner I went to put it out. There I saw my neighbor and stopped for a brief chat.
As I stepped in my room, after completing all the chores, it was still a mess and I felt exhausted.
I wanted to clean but I didn’t and again threw everything on the floor. What a busy day it was!
I fell asleep as soon as I dropped on bed. Gradually, leaving the reality for the world of dreams.
The first thought I had in the morning was not to be lazy, I got up early and planned my day.
The most important thing I listed was meeting her( my mentor) because if I delayed it, she might as well leave and we can’t even meet.
I had it all in my head, things to do in the day. For once I thought of listing it in a paper, but then I didn’t. Who has that much time to waste.
During breakfast, dad read me the headlines from the newspaper. “The world is changing so fast.” he said at last and I smiled and left.
Even though I had planned everything out for today, it was again the same as yesterday.
Somehow, nothing changed. I still had some work pending from the university, I had to clean my room.
And there was an important application which I had to fill up, about a reserved lecture I was very much interested in.  
All of it is yet pending, I can’t remember where I spent my whole day. I’ve always been like this, but it never bothered me till now.
Maybe it was because I wasn’t able to meet her, or maybe it’s just because there is so much left to do and I’m stressing about everything.  
Well, if it is stress, I must sleep on it then. I’ll figure everything out tomorrow. 
But did I really figure it out? Yes I did and I learned it the hard way. 
This morning, I had several pending tasks and I was all set to complete them in time. 
First thing, I opened my laptop, connected it to the internet and started filling up that form and submitted it.
There was a slight buffering after i submitted and so I put it aside and started cleaning my room.
I was getting too many notifications on my phone and so I sat for a few minutes to check if I got anything urgent.
And as usual, there was nothing much important, but still I wound up scrolling through social media.
As soon as I realized the waste of time, I put the phone to silent mode, turned the music on and resumed the cleaning.
I had pushed it aside for too long and so there was so much cleaning to do. It took me almost all day, but my room looked much better.    
I took a few minute rest, read few pages of a book, lay on bed for a while.
As I saw the time, I jumped up, took my phone and saw I had calls and texts from her. She was leaving today and I haven’t yet talked to her.   
Her train was about to leave in half an hour and she tried to contact me to meet before that but I forgot that I put the phone to silent.
I rushed to the bathroom, changed, and then went straight downstairs.
Mom stopped me to ask why I was in a hurry and I had to explain her the situation.
I took off as soon as I could, the station was far and so I drove fast, but I knew it was almost impossible to reach before the train leaves.
All the way, I thought if only I had cleaned my room earlier, non of it would have happened.
I reached the station and saw the train leaving in front of my eyes. It was a sore sight.
There was nothing I could do, but regret.  
” “
(Try understanding this story by keeping ‘the mentor/she’ as a metaphor for what you want to achieve or do in life)
  • If you think, you have enough time, you are wrong. Think twice before postponing anything that means something to you. 
  • You might get a second chance, but not many. Be wise and grab the opportunity as soon as it comes. 
  • You only will be responsible for whatever you get and do not. It’s your choice. 
  • It is better to do something, no matter how difficult, than to regret not doing it. 

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