Hello there! Glad to know that you’re interested in submitting a guest post on our platform,

And before we receive your amazing inputs, here are some things that we look into before we publish our platform.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

1. Topics for Guest Posts

We are happily welcoming the following pieces to our platform,

Please go through our posts and social media once before you submit to us, and check if

  • Your content is relevant to our audience and vice versa.
  • Success stories can be overcoming and achieving even the smallest milestones.
  • If you are giving professional advice then, are you qualified and have added relevant sources?
  • If you are sharing personal stories and pictures then, you have to have the consent of the people involved?
  • If you are sharing book recommendations then, have you read them yourself or tried other sources?

You can submit your request via the contact form below. And you can also add images of your own if you have any, and if not, it will be taken care of by us.

2. Content Tips for Guest Posts

Now that you are familiar with our niche and topics, let’s dive into some basic details that are important requirements for a guest post on this platform,

a. Word and Character limits for Post

  • For blogs, make sure the words are less than or between 1000 to 1200.
  • The same goes for articles or stories as such.
  • For poems or write-ups, make sure the character limit of 300 is met.
  • And images must be compressed or <2MB.

b. Break the paragraphs so it’s easier to read

  • Readability is important for good user experience and feedback so,
    • Make sure you are not writing in lengthy paragraphs, keep them short and easy to digest.
    • Include Titles, Subtitles, and Headings to your post.
    • Bold or Italicize your text wherever necessary

c. Keep it Original

  • We are only accepting original content. Any blogs, poems, stories, or write-ups, must be your work only.
  • And do not forget to add the sources or references that inspired you to create your post.

d. Share your Views but do not Hate

We are a friendly community without judgments and no hate is incorporated here, you can,

  • Have your own views about things but don’t bash others.
  • No hateful comments on someone’s values, beliefs, gender, identity, and so on.
  • Be opinionated and break the biases.
  • Talk about your experiences and the changes you want to bring.
  • Share facts backing your views and opinions.
  • Be yourself and spread love and kindness.

3. Other things you can include

  • Statistics: People are more likely to believe in you if you are providing them with enough data to prove your point, so feel free to include, charts, graphs, Twitter posts, and comments, in your posts.
  • Outbound Links: Link your content with other sources that you found online appreciating their work. Do make sure the links are to authoritative sites and relevant posts.
  • Lists and Bullets: Lists make the text easier to read, retain your viewer for a little longer, and are much more helpful. So make sure you have them in your post.
  • Actionable Takeaways: Summarise the main themes of your article in bullet points, at the end of your post.

4. Accepting the Guest Post

  • First, submit your request with the content type and topic of your choice by the form below. Make sure it’s in our niche.
  • We will get back to you regarding the same in 2 to 3 days, and once the topic is finalized by both then you can go ahead and start writing,
  • After you’ve finished the draft you can share it in a google doc format keeping the edit access on.
  • We’ll be making some necessary in the doc so make an original copy of your work if you’d like.
  • Add a little about yourself at the end of the doc
  • Lastly, we’ll let you know once the post is live with a link to your website.

5. Guest Post Promotion

Please feel free to share your piece on social media, in your newsletter, or by including a link on your blog.

You can even post a snippet of the article in your blog, with a link to the original content on our site (this is important so that we both avoid duplicate content penalties).


Now that you’ve read all the necessary details about submitting a guest post on our platform, let’s dive right into the submission part.

Below is the contact form for you to submit your request, make sure,

  • To include the content type and topic of your post
  • Add your email so we can get back to you
  • And if you have any doubt, skim through the guidelines once again and you can reach us at thecaffables@gmail.com

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