How to get yourself Motivated:- 7 Motivation Boosters

Motivation when comes from within is more effective than any outer source of motivation,

As Pablo Picasso said, “Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.”

And so, sometimes you have to go and get yourself that motivational boost,

I have been working on my blog for the past two years, and I have hit many creative roadblocks,

But there have always been things that kept me going on my journey to entrepreneurship,

Here are what my Motivation boosters have been and I hope you can find them useful as well.

For every second you waste there is someone working twice as hard toward the same goals

You might have heard this somewhere, and it’s basically scaring you to work hard but if you’re dealing with being scared when will you work?

So do take your time, but don’t waste it as well.

Taking a break doesn’t mean you’re admitting defeat

Half of the time people overwork themselves and still, results are not satisfactory, in the end, motivation is lost.

Hence, know what you’re doing and how much work to put in.

However, using a break to escape difficulty is not a solution either

A true reader reads through the book and then only decides if the story was good.

Thus, don’t lock down the book because you can’t understand the words. Take five and finish the story.

Always start with small goals

If you keep looking at the bigger picture you’ll never know the time, means and effort it took to make it.

Achieve small goals and it will keep you inspired to achieve bigger ones.

ps. I have also curated all this into a short Instagram post, you can check that out as well.

How to get yourself Motivated- 7 Motivation Boosters for a good day
How to get yourself Motivated- 7 Motivation Boosters for a good day

You are never short on opportunities

Imagine yourself driving and if you keep looking at the pole you are likely to crash, but if you shift your gaze to look at the way to avoid the pole you’ll automatically drive past it.

Attract opportunities, Find solutions.

You can’t blame your way out of anything

If right now you blame circumstances or anything else to be stopping you from doing what you can, in the future you’ll have no one else to blame but yourself.

And that’s a fact. Been there done that.

All you need is to get up, the strength to keep going will follow

Just ask yourself, If I don’t do this now what will it cost me?

If you don’t like the answer, you’ll know what to do.

There, my friend, these are a few things that I constantly abide by to keep myself on track,

While also not blaming myself for anything that I was not able to do.

Hope you enjoyed the read,

Do let me know how you motivate yourself from day to day, as it can be helpful to other readers as well, and even me.

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