Finding your Passion and 5 common roadblocks

When it comes to finding your passion, you either give it your all or end up running around in circles.

If that has happened to you, don’t fret you’re not alone.

We all have things that we love and are passionate about,

And we all end up doing things that we never imagined we would, just for the sake of our passion.

If this is you my friend then sit tight,

We are going to discuss some fundamental things that you need to know before you dive into your passion journey.

When finding your passion, ask yourself these three questions.

  1. What is something I love unconditionally,
  2. What is something that doesn’t seem forced to do,
  3. What is something I would happily do in my free time?

There would definitely be one thing common to all these three questions and probably it would be something that you are passionate about.

And now that you have the answer there comes a crossroads,
You can either decide to work towards that passion, or not.

In times like that, remember that it is just a stereotype that if you have a passion you have to compulsory start following it, you can choose either of the two choices and it’s entirely up to you. And both of them are fine choices.

I also recorded this short youtube video where I talk about all these things in detail, please check it out, and if it helps let me know! If it doesn’t also let me know…

Now, when you do choose to follow your passion you will be met with roadblocks like,

  • Fear
  • Loneliness
  • People
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Faith and confidence

When you are on your track to finding your passion and following it, you will meet with these 5 sneaky bad guys,

Know that they come and go continuously, and it’s normal

Give yourself time to cope with them and get back up stronger.

The thing to remember here is to reduce the recovery time in dealing with these fundamental roadblocks.

Once you start becoming aware of these things you’ll automatically find it much easier to deal with them than you initially could,

Just remember not to give up, if you do decide to pursue your dreams.

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