Why The Great Gatsby should be your next read- Reading list The Caffables

An exceptionally appealing book of 20th century.

This is a post about the book “The Great Gatsby” by the author ‘F Scott Fitzgerald’.

And I really don’t know where to start,

I mean, I’m in love with the plot, the story line, and how things unravel at the end.

It is a classic American novel and one of the greatest novel of 20th century.

Reading this book is totally mind blowing, and the ending is shocking.

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The story is about a wealthy man ‘Jay Gatsby’ and how his life unravels into several fortunate as well unfortunate events,

He is regarded as an extraordinary person but mostly people like him because of his riches.

And the story is narrated from the perspective of Nick Carraway.

The Characters:
  • Jay Gatsby– The main focus, someone who becomes a good friend of Nick,
  • Nick Carraway– The one who narrates story of Gatsby.
  • Daisy Buchanan– Cousin of Nick and wife of Tom, also love interest of Jay Gatsby.
  • Tom Buchanan– Husband of daisy and a well accomplished man. But has ties with another woman as well.
  • Jordan Baker– A friend of daisy and a golf player, and a potential love interest of Nick Carraway.
  • Myrtle Wilson– Wife to George Wilson and love interest of Tom Buchanan.
  • George Wilson– Husband of Mrytle and later plays an important role in the end.
The Plot:

The events take place after the war,

Nick moves to west egg, on the long islands (fictional) and finds out that Gatsby is his neighbor.

Nick has a cousin named Daisy,

Who is a spectacularly beautiful young woman married to Tom Buchanan,

A well accomplished man and also a football player.

The Buchanans invite him for tea at their residence, where he meets Jordan Baker, a friend of Daisy and a golf player.

There, a name Gatsby comes up, and they start talking about him,

Over time Nick grows curious about the mysterious Gatsby and what goes in the lavish mansion of his.

And one day, he gets an invitation to a party held at Gatsby’s house.

Where he hear many rumors about him and meets him for the first time.

That’s where their friendship begins and story continues.

Several events takes place involving Daisy and Gatsby, Tom and Myrtle,

When they all come together, a series of events unfold creating critical situations,

And the story takes all sorts of dramatic turns.

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Read the book though,

It’s much more interesting in there, than it is here.

I knew there was a movie based on the book but I preferred reading first.

Sorry if I spoiled the book for you,

But you should read it right away and I promise you won’t regret it.

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