Rani Ki Vav – The pride of Patan.

Top 5 things about the world heritage site ‘Rani Ki Vav’

And what else is there to see nearby,

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Such a beautiful place it is (Rani ki Vav),

I cannot wait to share everything about that beauty with you,

I had so much fun when I visited,

Mostly because it was calm all around

And the architecture, Oh, how beautiful it was…!

So, here are 5 things about Rani ki Vav that I enjoyed the most.

1. It is an architectural beauty

The construction of the place is extremely beautiful,

There are seven levels of stairs going deep into a circular well,

On every level there are number of sculptures,

The pillars have various carvings and patterns,

Not a single space is without design,

Technically speaking, It is 65 meters (213 ft) long, 20 meters (66 ft) wide and 28 meters (92 ft) deep. 

Rani ki vav is considered to be one of the largest examples of step well architecture in the state of Gujarat.

2. Rich with History

There is so much to know about Rani ki vav,

From gods to kings, there is a little about everything in there,

It has so much to offer, so much to see and learn,

The step well is extremely fascinating and extraordinary,

The construction began during the rule of the Chaulukya dynasty.

The stepwell was commissioned in 1063 and was completed after 20 years.

It is assumed that,

Queen Udayamati, built the vav in the memory of Bhima I,

And it is probably completed by Udayamati and Karna after his death,

But the view, whether she was a widow when she commissioned it, is disputed.

3. Green Everywhere

The outer surface spreads into a vast lawn,

There are trees and grass all over the surface,

One can spend hours roaming about or just sitting around, admiring the beauty of the place,

There are plants at some distances,

And then, there is also a pavement to have walk on.

4. It is clean and calm

It is easy to spend time there,

The place is mostly quiet and no traffic noises around,

You can hear the chirping of birds and relax in a soothing environment,

It was named India’s “Cleanest Iconic Place” at the 2016 Indian Sanitation Conference.

Also, it is not allowed to take food inside.

5. Sahastralinga Lake

It is a lake or a kind of tank, a little further to the vav (well),

Well constructed and preserved,

You will find many monkeys there roaming around,

Also, they are harmless.

There is grass lawn outside and the area is wide,

The lake is believed to be cursed,

Due to which it cannot sustain water.

Jasma Odan, a wife of Rooda who belonged to the Od community of tank diggers, cursed Chaulukya ruler, Siddhraj Jaisinh,

Who, captivated by her beauty, proposed marriage to her. 

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It is a great place to visit, alone or with family or friends,

Both the lake and the well have excellent architecture,

There are tickets for Rani ki vav, but not for Shastralinga Lake,

Both the places are mostly calm and enjoyable.

I had a great time during my visit.