Celebrate your own miles

It’s not easy. Lying on the bed, looking at particularly nothing , getting
hit by thoughts every now and then, it’s really not easy just to let it
pass by. You certainty don’t get, what’s so loud around you when noone
is there.
You are right. Noone is there.
It’s the chaos that was born with the fear you are hiding hard. Also, some
days it comes being that tempting urge forcing you to quit in-between. It
wants you to deviate right when you are about to reach home. It might
make you feel down , doesn’t mean you are in the wrong path. It’s just
a turning. It’s just a part. So, don’t stop believing the path.

Remember the last time, you felt the same mess. Remember the last time
it felt impossible. Remember the last time you almost gave up. Also, don’t
forget the last time you decided to hold on. Think of that impossible you
walked past with grace.

If no-one, celebrate your own miles. Cherish your own path. Believe in
your own process. You are not far, just a couple of steps away.

By- Smaraki Sarangi

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