Some believe life is a gift from God.
But what if it’s a punishment;
A living hell sort of.
A chance to redeem ourselves.
Grief, pain, Agony;
heartbreaks and betrayals,
Until which choose a path which is fair. Find our true selves and fulfil the purpose.
if you lost your path in the darkness it brings anguish; insufferable.
All these emotions; the capability to feel is a boon or torture,
I guess we will never really know.
A gift or a punishment,
But we have just one chance;
we can’t afford to blow.
Find the light, Fight the darkness.
Be a better man;
that’s what almighty wants, after all.
Life showers happiness;
Sometimes Sadness is all it got.
Let’s live it to the fullest,
why waste our time on this earth.
Life holds different meanings for everyone,
Let’s swear to find ours.

By- Priyanshi Agrawal

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