The Bridge Of Life

From the first cry to the time we die
Some days we fall apart, and on the others, we fly

Learning to walk by holding others’ hands
Going to school and making new friends

No hurt. No cry. Only happiness and fun
Years pass, and childhood is done

Passing the teenage is a sign of the start of tension
Some days are gold while others bring pain as pension

The burden of career and responsibilities suppresses happiness.
Some experiences break, and others are filled with the craziness

Life promotes with the entry of a partner
A new soul is born, and you are the gardener

The juggling between work and family is a daily routine
To enjoy the life and make every day count, you are always keen

Time travels and comes the last days of the life
With a bundle of memories, it ends, and you finally die.

By- Vineeta Ahilani

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